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PyroMusic interview 2007

Article date: 2010-02-05 10:39:11| Author: sabotage | Print Page | A | a
PyroMusic interview 2007

Sodom are rightfully one of the most revered Thrash bands around, and they've been unstoppable since 1982. At last, Sodom are coming to Australia. The shows start in just a week and I had the chance to speak to Thomas 'Tom Angelripper' Such recently to discuss the tour. Despite the phone connection going out after just a few minutes, there was time to cover plenty of ground.

Pyro: Hey mate, how are you?

Tom 'Angelripper' Such: Good, everything's fine.

Pyro: The first thing I want to say is cheers for your time. Second of all, after 25 years a s a band Sodom are finally playing in Australia and there's quite a buzz among Sodomaniacs here. Are you looking forward to the trip?

Tom 'Angelripper' Such: Yes, I'm really looking forward to it. After 25 years, we finally get a chance to play over there. I don't know why it's taken to long to come to Australia but we can't wait.

Pyro: Have you planned much sight-seeing while you're in Australia?

Tom 'Angelripper' Such: I would love to but we have a pretty strict plan and a schedule to stick to. It's always a problem for us. We've never seen too much from any country but we do try.

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1| Article date: 2008-11-17 15:56:57| Words: 22
User E-mail : info@sodom.hu

Hello criticafuzz.

Az új interjúból (Rockpages.gr interjú 2008) sajnos nem sok jó derül ki, a kiadó hozzáállásáról a DVD kapcsán.


0| Article date: 2008-09-30 16:52:07| Words: 19

de vajon mikor lesz kész az új DVD? az interjúból ez nem derül ki...:(

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