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Rockpages.gr interview
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In the backstage area of MMD Festival, there has been scheduled a press conference for Sodom. Naturally, Rockpages.gr was present and here are the questions that we asked to Tom Angelripper, Bernemann, Bobby Schottkowski who seemed really happy to be back in Greece for a concert after a long period of time.

Sakis Nikas, Dimitris Kazantzis, Costas Koulis

Rockpages.gr: First of all guys, welcome to Greece!

Tom Angelripper: Welcome to hell! (laughs)

Rockpages.gr: Your latest release was a re-recording of the original “In The Sign Of Evil” EP. Tell us about it…

Tom Angelripper: The most important thing is that we recorded this album with the original members. For me, “In The Sign Of Evil” is now complete because we recorded all the Sodom songs of 1984 that were meant for that record. The record company wanted, in the beginning, just to make a remastering of the whole thing, but we insisted that we should re-record everything and include the remaining songs that didn’t make it back then. That would be more interesting for the fans than just a remastered version. There was never any possibility of the original line-up to perform together again, because Witchhunter is unable to play drums due to his problem with alcohol.

Rockpages.gr: I saw you in Wacken last summer and you put on a great show with all the past members of Sodom (except Witchhunter). How did it feel to be playing again with your past band mates?

Bernemann: As you probably know, I met all the former Sodom members a few months ago and now we are good friends. Of course, I knew some of them from the past…For me, it was a lot of fun, because I like all the guys very much. I enjoyed the show very much and I am sure that all the Sodom fans had a blast! It was a big party.

Rockpages.gr: You released a couple of years your eponymous album which marked, in my opinion, the return of Sodom’s trademark sound. Shall we wait for another Sodom record in 2008 or 2009?

Tom Angelripper: Yes, I agree that our last record was a return to our old sound. We are writing new songs for an upcoming Sodom record, but the problem is that we haven’t heard from our label for a long time. M16 came out in 2001 and our next album was in 2006…that is a long time. Sodom can release an album every year or two, but it is a business. We always write new songs, but it’s not always up to us. We want to do things our way and we don’t want people to tell us what to do.

Bobby Schottkowski: The record company is telling us when the album will be released, but they are not even thinking of telling us what short of music we will play. That is up to us.

Rockpages.gr: Have they told you when do they want the new album approximately?

Tom Angelripper: No…it is the same thing with the DVD. When they show us the “green light” then we will present them our new songs. We had a great DVD out a few years back, but the second part is taking…forever! SPV wants to release it but they don’t want to give any money for it! So, how can it be something special without the money to do a good job? There is also the problem with the rights, as in the 90s we recorded albums for other labels, so…The problem with SPV is that they don’t response to us! We want to do our job and please our fans with another good album and another good DVD, but SPV seems to ignore us nowadays.

Rockpages.gr: Despite the problems with the rights, you are still planning on releasing the second part of Lords of Depravity DVD?

Tom Angelripper: Absolutely! But, you got to understand that the label don’t get back to us. We want to put it out but SPV…well, let’s just say that they don’t want to spend any money for its preparation. That’s a big problem for us.

Rockpages.gr: In the 80s, we had the German triple thrash treat with Sodom, Kreator and Destruction. Have you seen or listened to any new bands from Germany or Europe that can come close to the level of those bands?

Tom Angelripper: Most bands nowadays are metalcore, which is for me a kind of thrash music. You can’t form a band now and say that you are gonna play thrash music. That was a product of the 80s and it wouldn’t make any sense for new bands if they played like Sodom or Kreator.

Rockpages.gr: What is the essence of Sodom?

Tom Angelripper: When we started, thrash metal was a musical revolution. We wanted to do things our way and we succeeded in doing so. Sodom is a thrash metal band who gets its power from the fans that support us all these years. That’s the essence of Sodom…the fans! We never get tired of writing new songs and performing in front of our loyal fans.

Rockpages.gr: Do you have any special memories from your previous shows in Greece?

Tom Angelripper: We played for the first time in Greece in 1988…that was the first time that a German band had played in your country! We are always looking forward to returning to Greece, because the audience is wild!

source: rockpages.gr

About MMD Festival 2008

and what band is better to heat things up than SODOM, the German thrash pioneers that create a mess whenever they play in Greece. Unfortunately, the guitar was buried until the 3rd or 4th song something that happened with almost every band. Even though in general the sound was a lot better than last year, this place is still not appropriate for metal concerts.

Sodom, and especially Tom with his Tank T-shirt gave a hellish performance with songs from the past like "Outbreak of Evil", "Blasphemer", "Sodomy and Lust", "Obsessed by Cruelty" (!!!) among a couple of new ones ("City Of God", "Napalm In The Morning", "Blood On Your Lips". Some live classics like "Agent Orange", "Remember The Fallen", "The Saw Is The Law" and "Bombenhagel" couldn't be absent creating furious reactions from the retro thrash crowd that seems to be reviving in Athens.

The show ended with the cover of "Ace Of Spades", the permanent tribute of Tom to Motorhead. SODOM is a stable value in metal and they never let their fans down. A totally respected band that gained our appreciation with another great gig.

SODOM's Tracklist:

01. Blood On Your Lips
02. Outbreak Of Evil
03. Napalm In The Morning
04. Sodomy And Lust
05. City Of God

06. Obsessed By Cruelty
07. The Saw Is The Law
08. Blasphemer
09. Agent Orange
10. Remember The Fallen
11. Ace Of Spades
12. Bombenhagel

source: metal-invader.com
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